Have you lost your connection to your sparkle?

Let me help you bring it to Life!


Georgie is a long time healer, coach and Somatic therapist working with women for over 25 years, helping them shed their pain and fear and step into more authentic, fulfilling lives!

She knows the power of a women’s heart and intuition and knows how valuable women are. 

Georgie specializes in helping younger women find and trust their power and bring it to life. Clients and students call her their ‘Fairy Godmother’ because she loves to see their Sparkle and help them connect with more of their own Magic !


For a limited time:
Claim your Free 30 minute connection session with the Fairy Godmother”
* Be seen & get clarity on your unique inner sparkle
* Explore what ’s blocking you from expressing it in life
* Come away with at least one tool to help you enjoy life now!

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